Will Anything Change With the Recent Men’s College Basketball Rules Changes?

Progress and change are often hailed as intrinsically positive, and if this is the case, then the men’s college basketball game seems to have just made a few steps forward. However, it is only through the lens of time that one can determine if progressive measures are effectual, and right now, opinions are mixed about […]

Alden’s Army: The Lasting Legacy of Mike Alden And His Army Of ADs

The term “end of an era” gets tossed around quite a bit, but as Mike Alden closes out his 17 years as athletic director at Missouri, it feels accurate. In those 17 year, he lead Mizzou athletics to new heights, as they say, both on the field and in the classroom. His accomplishments include hiring […]

When Sports Become The Great Escape

Two weeks ago when the Elite Eight came to a close, the sports world quickly shifted all of its attention to Indianapolis. The Final Four, college basketball’s crown jewel was set to take place at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis. But it was not just the college sports world that was focused on the […]

NCAA Addresses Its Dome Problem

As the curtain falls on another fantastic college basketball season, my attention is already shifting toward the NCAA’s recent announcement that it will soon correct one of the biggest issues facing its premier annual event. I speak not of inconsistent officiating, or the uptick in fouls-masquerading-as-physical-play that increasingly differentiate the college game from its professional […]

Will Record TV Numbers Hurt Attendance?

Kentucky and Notre Dame played a masterful, all time classic game Saturday night in the Elite Eight. With its last second win, Kentucky stayed undefeated and reserved a spot in the Final Four. But the game was much more than an instant classic, it was a record setter. According to NCAA.com, the Midwest Regional final […]

The NCAA Denies All Responsibility For Academic Fraud

Earlier this month, buried beneath the start of the conference basketball tournaments and the onset of its most anticipated, and profitable, event – the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament – the NCAA once again took the position that it bears no legal responsibility for academic fraud that may occur at its member institutions.  On March 2nd, […]