Educating Student-Athletes in Uncertain Times: Yale AD Vicky Chun

“That is the pressure that I put on myself and the coaches and the staff. I said we cannot go through this and not come out better. We need to be creative. So, what we’ve done is we’ve been incredibly busy preparing for when the students get back. Now whether that’s capital projects, whether that’s […]

Educating Student-Athletes in Uncertain Times: Tulane’s Dr. Mónica Lebrón

“It’s easy to look them in the eye and say, I know what you’re going through and actually mean it. Even though I’m about to have my 20th reunion from Yale, even though it’s been 20 years, it feels like it was yesterday. And the reality is it’s not that much different. Especially at a […]

Educating Student-Athletes in Uncertain Times: CIAA Commissioner Jacqie McWilliams

“As a commissioner my role in working with our presidents, our athletic directors, our student-athletes, and then sponsors. We are in the center of what education could look like on a bigger picture for the conference.” -Jacqie McWilliams Jacqie McWilliams is the third full-time Commissioner of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA). She knows her […]

Educating Student-Athletes in Uncertain Times: Charlotte’s Ragean Hill

“I would say I always try to provide student-athletes with what I didn’t receive in college as a student-athlete. Resources were a lot different back then especially  participating in a non-revenue sport and looking at the layout of the funding; I’m looking at a department as a whole and seeing how we can provide the […]

Educating Student-Athletes in Uncertain Times: Eastern Illinois AD Tom Michael

“My experience as a student-athlete, without any doubt, gave me an opportunity to prepare for this career. Being able to do this, to know the Student-Athlete experience from the academic or sports side of things, allowed me to relate better to what they go through on a daily basis.” -Tom Michael Tom Michael is in […]

Educating Student-Athletes in Uncertain Times: Kansas City’s Ursula Gurney

“Being a student-athlete helped prepare me as an athletics administrator. That experience has helped me in many ways, it taught me time management skills and enforced how to work with a sense of urgency. It taught me to be coachable. I really think that experience as a Student-Athlete has translated into me learning how to […]