Being A Leader Means Owning Your Message

October 7th, 2015 | by Matthew Monte
Being A Leader Means Owning Your Message

Owning Your Message

Not long ago we brought you an article from Zach Maurides, President and Founder of Teamworks, about the importance of getting communication right with modern athletes. From personal experience, I know that an organization can never be too good at getting their message across. I know I am always looking for tips and new techniques to add to my own communication arsenal.

That’s why I found this latest article from the Teamworks crew so interesting. Here is a little snippet.

“Communication” is a buzzword nowadays, the kind of tired cliche that you hear from slick motivational speakers or on late night relationship-advice talk radio, and, as with all cliches, it’s easy to pay lip service to it and nothing more. This is the paradox of all things that are really, truly important: The more everyone is talking about them, the easier they are to ignore, because someone else—everyone else—is probably taking care of it, right?

But effective leaders don’t pay lip service. Effective leaders don’t expect “someone else” to take care of it. Effective leaders don’t get caught up in the cliche buzzword game and fail to act.

We know it’s important to fill out your team with strong leaders, but that doesn’t mean you can stop owning your message. There are also a few interesting quotes in there from Duke Head Football Coach David Cutcliffe to support this argument. Overall it is an interesting read, and another thing I know I’ll be keeping in mind the next time I have a message that needs to be heard.

You can view or download the entire article in PDF form here.

To learn more about Zach and his company that specializes in providing mobile communication and collaboration tools to athletic organizations, you can check them out at


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