Talking Leadership With Pittsburgh AD Heather Lyke

 Heather Lyke – Pittsburgh Director of Athletics Pittsburgh Director of Athletics Heather Lyke sits down with CollegeAD’s Jonathan Yates to discuss a number of topics including Lyke’s first year on campus as well as the upcoming football matchup with Penn State. We’ve earmarked and highlighted several different topics and points throughout the interview that […]

Is Legalized Betting The Answer To Falling Attendance?

About 80% of the athletic departments in the Football Bowl Subdivision lose money and attendance figures are falling, including student attendance. As a result of the recent Supreme Court decision, more gambling on college games is coming. Could this be used by colleges to help draw more students, including international students, to sporting events? This could […]

Did The Supreme Court’s Ruling On Legalized Sports Gambling Just Save The NCAA?

It would indeed be a twist of events for the NCAA to prosper as a result of legal action, starting with the Supreme Court ruling 7-2 Monday to allow for sports gambling in more states across America. Did the high court just save NCAA? Despite the NCAA being opposed to the ruling, Monday’s decision in […]

Ten Reasons Scholarship Athletes Are Better Off Financially Than Others

With college graduation season upon us and the average student facing a debt load of nearly $40,000.00 along with their degree, its time to take a look at ten of the many, many reasons why scholarship athletes are so much better off financially than others: 1. Less Debt Start of with $39,400.00. That’s the average debt for […]

Sports Psychologists Are Helping Athletes Shape Strong Minds

“Strong Mind, Strong Body” Interview Series from The Culture of Sports for CollegeAD featuring Sports Psychologist Dr. Caroline Silby Last week CollegeAD highlighted several athletic departments taking proactive steps to address the mental health issues that student-athletes face. Lead by many student-athletic academic councils, mental health has become a main area of focus for the NCAA as […]

Congressman Glenn Thompson on The Culture of Pennsylvania Sports

Representative Glenn Thompson Pensylvania Congressman Glenn Thompson recently sat down to discuss a number of topics with Jonathan Yates, the host of The Culture of Sports. Representative Thompson discusses principle-based leadership, how he uses principle-based leadership when making decisions on in the House, and how it relates to athletics. Thompson and Yates also discuss the impact of […]

Bet On eSport Gambling As A New Revenue Stream

As a general observation based on lots of direct experience, many athletic directors at major universities have a football or basketball background as a college player. Some such as Barry Alverez (football at Nebraska, now AD at Wisconsin), Dr. Carla Williams (hoops at Georgia, now AD at Virginia), Scott Barnes (basketball at Fresno State, now […]

Congressman Steve King On The Culture of Sports In Iowa

Iowa Representative Steve King CollegeAD’s Jonathan Yates sits down with Iowa Representative Steve King to talk about a wide range of topics including the culture of sports. MORE INTERVIEWS:

More Attention on the End Game for Student-Athletes is Needed

Growing up playing chess, an appreciation for the “end game” develops quickly. The end game is so critical as there are fewer assets and fewer moves with the denouement drawing inexorably near with each and every maneuver more critical for winning. There is a complete lack of consideration for this in proposed changes in college […]

The Culture of Sports: Rep Williams of Texas Talks Tax Reform

U.S. Representative Roger Williams of Texas CollegeAD’s own Jonathan Yates sits down with Congressman Roger Williams of Texas to discuss the effect of recent tax reforms on college sports, his own time at TCU, and his thoughts on Chris Del Conte.   MORE INTERVIEWS:  

Study Finds Student-Athlete Experience And Public Perception Don’t Match Up

Heavyweight champ Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone’s got a plan until you hit them in the mouth!” There are many sparring about the college student-athlete experience.  Game Plan, a one-stop platform for academic and athletic services, has delivered a knockout study that is a must-read, “2018 STUDENT-ATHLETE LIFE AFTER SPORT REPORT.”  Surveying student-athletes from over […]