June 16th, 2019 | by CollegeAD

Last month, after Western Kentucky University announced it was weighing more than $10 million in budget cuts over the coming fiscal year, faculty members again asked a familiar question as to how much would WKU’s athletics unit be expected to cut. During the meeting, while Stevens explained the roughly $3.4 million in cuts that would come from WKU’s academic colleges, Crowder asked why the university was facing a $10 million budget shortfall and allocating $16 million to its athletics unit in its budget model. She was joined by other faculty members venting their frustrations. Since then, the university’s budget reduction target for fiscal year 2020, beginning July 1, has been revised down to $8,644,000. Specific reduction targets for WKU’s non-academic units, called auxiliary and support units, have also been revealed. According to the revised budget reduction plan disclosed in Board of Regents meeting materials Friday, the university’s athletics unit is being asked to cut $365,915 over the next fiscal year. -Aaron Mudd, bgdailynews. Read More.

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