October 19th, 2018 | by CollegeAD

Director of Athletics Shane Lyons told 247Sports in April that the Coliseum court would be redesigned in the near future. That eventual date is closer now but has not yet arrived. Senior associate athletic director Ben Murray, who is the administrator for men’s basketball and the executive director of the fundraising Mountaineer Athletic Club, said the Mountaineers haven’t discussed the specifics of a redesign but have seen many of the ideas sent their way. There’s about $35 million in renovations planned for the Coliseum as part of the five-year master plan that will address facilities across the athletic department. The 2018-19 basketball season won’t witness any of those. What WVU has in mind will take some time and coordination. “That’s always been the plan,” Murray said. “I think the court will be done no matter what next year, but the scoreboard and the seats will be based on what we do from a fundraising perspective.” Murray said season ticket sales are on pace with last year’s, which is good news for generating money in order to spend money. -Mike Casazza, Eer Sports, Read More

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