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Nineteen months after board of trustees chairman David Grissom declared his desire to dissolve the University of Louisville Athletic Association, administrative efforts to consolidate power over the school’s sports programs resumed Friday. University President Neeli Bendapudi surprised ULAA members by floating a proposal to shift the 29-person board’s authority to a three-person committee consisting of herself, athletic director Vince Tyra and a trustee to be named later. Though Tyra described the discussion as preliminary, Bendapudi said the new structure could take effect as soon as the fall. Both expressed a desire to eliminate redundancies and to respond more nimbly to situations requiring speedy decision-making. Incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in 1984, “exclusively for charitable, education and scientific purposes,” the ULAA board consists of nine faculty members, four university administrators, two students, two trustees, one staff member, eight at-large members, two university vice presidents and the president, who serves as the chair. Though the board’s diverse composition ensures a wide range of viewpoints are represented at meetings, its sheer size can create difficulties in achieving a quorum on short notice. The University of Kentucky’s Athletics Association disbanded by a unanimous vote in 2012. Supervision subsequently shifted to a five-member panel of the university’s board of trustees with additional input from up to three additional members who serve in a non-voting “community advisory” role. -Tim Sullivan, Louisville Courier Journal, Read More

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