July 11th, 2018 | by CollegeAD

Attorneys representing former Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino in a lawsuit against the University of Louisville Athletic Association are arguing that there are “no facts” to support events cited by the university as reason to fire Pitino for just cause. ULAA lawyers previously argued the school had grounds to fire Pitino based on three claims: That the university received bad publicity resulting from Pitino’s willful misconduct; that Pitino failed to report sports agent Christian Dawkins’ presence on campus and the “suspicious” nature of Brian Bowen’s late commitment to play at the University of Louisville; and that the NCAA determined Pitino had committed Level 1 violations.  But in a motion for partial summary judgment filed Wednesday, Pitino’s attorneys asked the judge to rule that the ULAA cannot use those three events as evidence in its arguments.  – Danielle Lerner, courier-journal – Read More

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