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Sean Tufts is searching for the right words. The organization announced a fundraiser partnership with Hilinski’s Hope, a mental health charity started by the family of deceased Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski. Tufts’ personal connection to the tragedies started him on a search for ways to help. Their approach to reaching such a lofty goal is organized and proactive in a way that hasn’t previously been attempted in the sporting world. Along with being hardwired to show no weakness, athletes typically lose a huge piece of their personal identity when they leave their sport at a relatively young age. That contributes to making athletes particularly vulnerable to letting mental health problems go untreated. Tufts says his group has found anecdotally that at three years removed and at eight years removed from playing college sports are the time periods when trouble most frequently arrives. Those are the times when a first career out of college can lose its luster or when family issues and growing older make it harder to cling to the few ties that remain to an athlete’s playing days. – Dan Murphy, ESPN. Read More.

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