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Why The Night Cap?


College athletics is a multibillion dollar industry divided up by more than 1,200 programs all jostling for position. If you want to get ahead, you’ve got to stay informed, but the day’s news can be hard to navigate.


This is why we introduced The Night Cap.


Our Promise


One email at the end of your day to catch you up on what you missed while you were out hustling.


Each day we will choose one main topic and cover it in detail, aggregating all the updates and hot takes into one easy to read article. No clicking links for the full story. No Wikipedia holes.


After that, we’ll give you the rest of the days news in simple bullet points.

  • Everything you need to know
  • Nothing you don’t
  • If you want more, just click the headline.


Easy, right?


What You Want, When You Want It


Why wait until morning to sift through a wall of text for the news you want? The Night Cap is relevant, fresh, and to the point.


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