The Culture Of Sports: Bowie State AD Clyde Doughty

September 10th, 2018 | by Jonathan Yates
The Culture Of Sports: Bowie State AD Clyde Doughty

Could we see the Ivy League matching up with HBCU’s in postseason play? It’s an idea that was floated last month by Princeton head coach Bob Surace and it’s a thought Bowie State AD Clyde Doughty finds very interesting. Doughty recently joined Jonathan Yates in The Culture of Sports to discuss not only a potential future postseason matchup featuring the Ivy League and HBCU’s but also a number of other topics pertaining to Bowie State and HBCU’s. Yates and Doughty covered topics ranging from branding and recruiting to the student-athlete experience and game day experience. Doughty also discusses his career, how he got started, diversity and inclusion, and helping young professionals get their start in collegiate athletics.

0:38 HBCU matchup with the Ivy League

6:01 Athletic development and fundraising

7:52 Branding

11:22 Diversity

12:08 Importance of football’s success to anthletic department

19:26 Student-athlete experience

29:41 Clyde Doughty’s career

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