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Mike Capaccio, who had been executive vice president for athletic development at The Citadel Foundation, was named The Citadel’s 13th athletic director on Aug. 15. The Citadel announced last month that it would delay renovation of the east side of Johnson Hagood Stadium by at least a year, due to fundraising and logistical concerns. A new artificial turf field, costing about $1 million, will go in after the 2018 season. But a plan to put in 3,000 permanent seats on the east side, at a cost of about $4 million, won’t happen until at least the 2020 season. On the football front, The Citadel has “money games” scheduled with FBS foes Alabama for this season, Georgia Tech in 2019, Clemson in 2020 and 2024 and Ole Miss in 2025. Capaccio is trying to add to that list, but says those games could go away fairly soon. “I really think down the road, the Power 5 conferences will take their ball and go play at a different level,” he said. “And that will provide a real challenge for schools like us. We have a very difficult model to maintain financially, and that’s one of my big concerns.” Capaccio said The Citadel has raised about $19 million toward a goal of $50 million for an athletic department endowment. Most of the annual cash flow eventually produced by the endowment would go toward the scholarship bill, which is about $4 million per year. “Our future is the endowment,” he said. “Our goal for (the last) campaign was $15 million, and we are at about $19 million. We need to get to $50 million and that’s what I’m working on now. The good news is that our foundation board is putting more emphasis on athletic fundraising. -Jeff Hartsell, Post and Courier, Read More

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