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Texas State radio station KTSW was able to procure an interview with Larry Teis and the Texas State president Denise Trauth and a few of the questions were posted on Twitter. So what did Trauth and Teis have to say? Let’s dive in. KTSW asked Teis about justifying the success of football and men’s basketball. Teis: “Two years ago, we did have a really good Men’s Basketball season. We slipped up some last year. And believe me, I’m trying every formula possible because if you look at the last 100 years we’ve had these issues. Since ‘81 ‘82 National Championship, I think we’ve only won two conference championships.” KTSW then asked both Teis and Trauth where they thought the football team would be at this point in the Everett Withers’ era. Teis: “We’re getting better, we’re just not winning and that’s the problem. Three years ago we lost to (ULL) by 24, two years ago 17, this year 15. Last year we lost to UTSA 30 this year we lost by 4 with a Freshman Quarterback. So we’re making a little bit of progress but I would prefer to win those games, and that what we need to continue to get better but win those games.” When asked about the unrest of alumni and fans: Trauth: “We are very aware. We are…I personally am just as disappointed as our fans are of our win-loss record in football this year… I don’t want to be One-and-Four and I hate it for everybody. I hate it for the coaches. I hate it for the student-athletes in football. I hate it for everyone in the department.” -Vidal Espinoza, Underdog Dynasty, Read More

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