September 18th, 2019 | by CollegeAD

When the series between Texas A&M and Arkansas first started in 2009, the powers that be wanted to have it at a neutral site, choosing the same place every season. The 2009-11 contests were all held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. After a return to the respective campuses for the 2012 and 2013 games, it returned to AT&T Stadium in 2014 and has remained there ever since. Texas A&M fans, and presumably Arkansas fans as well, do not seem particularly happy with the arrangement. The current contract to play at the stadium commonly known as ‘JerryWorld’ runs through the 2024 season. While many fans would prefer that be the end of it, former athletic director Scott Woodward was not in that camp when asked a year ago. On Twitter this week, DerekAggie06 tweeted the following, “An 11am conference game at JerryWorld has the atmosphere of a wet fart. I’ll build a statue of @RossBjorkAD if he gets the A&M/Arkansas game back on the campuses.” Surprisingly, the new athletic director responded. “No statue needed or warranted but I hear you loud & clear,” Bjork tweeted back. – Brian Perroni, Gigem 247, Read More

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