November 8th, 2018 | by CollegeAD

“We want Coach Babers. All of us want Coach Babers here for a long time. From day one, I’ve tried to work with Coach Babers to give him the support to build a program that can sustain success” John Wildhack says of their well-maintained relationship. There’s a worry–unfounded or not– that because Babers is enjoying a banner year and because it’s at Syracuse that means he’s leaving. While that outlook is jumping the start line quite a bit, it’s on fans minds as schools like Kansas and Maryland are in the search for a head coach. “That’s just kind of the nature of the industry right now. And that’s the reality. You have to deal with that reality. And I think part of that is, if you have that strong relationship and demonstrable commitment to building and sustaining a program, I think that’s gonna help retain any coach, anywhere” Wildhack said “But again, you never know what happens. It’s a free market and we’ll see.” -Niko Tamurian, CNY Central, Read More

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