What are Your Secrets to Success? Attitude.

January 10th, 2018 | by Jake Hirshman
What are Your Secrets to Success? Attitude.


Ever wondered what it would be like to have the longest relationship of your life suddenly end in a break up? And add in quite the grieving process too? At first, you probably thought about death, but that’s essentially what a student-athlete goes through when they are graduating, or for some even earlier if they get injured or cut. One identity fades as another is born.

I read a recent article, “If You Plan to Play Sports in College, How Will You Prepare for Real Life?”, which featured an interview with Ken Shropshire, CEO of the ASU Global Sport Institute. He addressed the issues of time demands, and the current model of collegiate athletics as it pertains to the student-athlete.

To answer the question posed by the article, Oliver Luck, NCAA Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, provides some great perspective on the approach one must have.

“Being a student-athlete teaches you how to overcome your mistakes with a professional attitude and outlook,” says Luck. “Being a student-athlete gives you the skillset to manage and prioritize time demands and like most student-athletes, you will go pro in something other than sport.”

Simply put that if you are involved with student-athletes as an administrator, or coach, most will develop the needed life skills and skill sets throughout their experience. However, they made need a hand or bridge of support to help them prepare for real life success after being a student-athlete. Sometimes in life, “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

And for many, even if they are aware of this transition, it is put off to be dealt with until they must stare the issue in the face. As a former student-athlete, you just don’t want to believe it is going to happen until it actually happens. For those who deal with student-athletes on a day to day basis, get them to realize the issue earlier than later because they will thank you one day in the future.


20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro is a guide and resource to help student-athletes succeed during their journey, and transition successfully out of sport and into life. To find out more about how to help your student-athletes be successful off the field, you can find the book on Amazon!

Jake Hirshman About Jake Hirshman
Jake Hirshman is a former student-athlete at the University of Redlands and Ohio University, and now co-author of “20 Secrets to Success for NCAA Student-Athletes Who Won’t Go Pro”. After finishing his undergraduate degree in 3 years, and bouncing back from a career changing injury, Hirshman pursued two masters degrees at Ohio University. One in Sport Sciences and Recreation, and the other as a member of the Sports Administration Program. After leaving Athens, he worked in Player Development for the Seattle Mariners, as a coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks Academy, and as Special Events Coordinator for Major League Baseball’s Arizona Fall League. As a young professional, Hirshman’s goal is to positively impact student-athletes and help prepare them for life after sport.

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