Pete Tredwell Joins College AD As An Executive Contributor

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College AD is proud to welcome Pete Tredwell as an Executive Contributor for College AD.

Pete Tredwell is an Emmy Award-winning sports business executive with nearly 20 years of experience, including 11 years at ESPN and the last six years in a VP role at a $40 million non-profit in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

He is a visionary strategist who has a proven track record of delivering/enhancing complex events and programs, while managing large budgets and teams. With stints at three different major Division I athletic departments in three different conferences, and after completing his MBA at Texas Christian University in 2013, Pete now seeks to return back to campus in an administrative role.

While Pete plans to serve as an Executive Contributor with College AD for the foreseeable future, his ultimate target is an Athletic Director role at the Division II or Division III level, or an Associate AD position for marketing/communications in Division I.

A native of Hamden, Conn., Tredwell graduated from Indiana University in 1995 with a degree in kinesiology and emphasis in sport marketing and management.

Pete Tredwell will contribute to College AD’s Open AD section as well as contribute to College AD through his extensive experience. Pete has composed the “Tredwell Report”, a truly unique profile on every open athletic director job, tailored exclusively by Pete.

The “Tredwell Report” will combine with the “Open AD timeline” to provide our followers with the most comprehensive information on open athletic director jobs at the collegiate level.

So go ahead! Check out the Tredwell Report on Open AD!

Got news or AD Scoop you want to share with Pete? Contact him at [email protected] or connect with him on twitter @PeteTredwell

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