PAC 12

October 11th, 2018 | by CollegeAD
PAC 12

I won’t blame Pac 12 Conference Commissioner Larry Scott if he breaks a tennis racket or something this morning. He woke up to what amounts to a really bad day. One that I don’t see how he escapes without letting someone at the conference office go today. Hey, look. The Pac 12 Conference has done some absurd things in recent years. Maddening stuff. For example, they’ve kicked off games at bedtime. Also, the conference television network is a joke. Also, the officiating has been routinely suspect. Also, the Pac 12 football teams went 1-8 in the last bowl season. But nothing tops what was uncovered in the wake of the USC-Washington State game a few weeks ago. And for that, Scott may finally have to answer for something. – John Canzano, The Oregonian. Read More.

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