NEXT UP presented by Teamworks: Day 1

June 13th, 2016 | by CollegeAD
NEXT UP presented by Teamworks: Day 1


Welcome to College AD’s first annual NEXT UP presented by Teamworks.

The premise is a simple one. NEXT UP are senior level administrators, handpicked by some of the most respected athletic directors in the industry, who are believed to be ready to take the next step as athletic directors in their own right. Out of those nominated by our panel, we selected 21 NEXT UP recipients from across the country to represent this year’s class. The only limiting factor is that none of the nominees could have served as an AD previously, beyond an interim role. 

Over the next five days, June 13th-17th, we are revealing our inaugural honorees.

Out of respect for our seven panel members we are keeping their names anonymous, but we’re more than happy to share a few stats on what qualifies them to spot up-and-coming talent.

Panel Stats

Without further ado, here are the first four members of the 2016 class of NEXT UP presented by Teamworks.



Deputy Director of Athletics/Administration, Legal Affairs and Chief of Staff

Career to Date: Duke (2008- Present); Notre Dame- Director of Rules Education (2005- 2008)

Appointments & Accomplishments: Serves on the DI Committee on Institutional Performance

Strengths: Strategic Planning, Operations

Why is she NEXT UP?: King has become an integral cog in one of the most respected athletic departments in the country. When reached for comment, Duke AD Kevin White couldn’t help but rave about one of his rising stars. “Nina King clearly represents a serious club house leader per the very next generation of exceptionally talented players within the eclectic universe of college athletics.  Without question, it’s not at all surprising, for Nina, who is a product of both Notre Dame and Tulane Law, has become a highly valued commodity relative to most emerging ‘red hot lists.’” White went on to add, “To be sure, Nina is very bright, inordinately committed to her chosen craft, terribly knowledgeable beyond her immediate peer group. She is ridiculously passionate relative to the plight of the aspirational student-athlete, highly courageous, and appropriately confident, coupled with the distinct fact that she drips with integrity.”



Deputy Director of Athletics

Career to Date: Texas Tech (2015- Present); Kansas State- Senior Associate AD (2004- 2015); Oklahoma State- Director of Development (1995- 2004)

Appointments & Accomplishments: 2014 NAADD Fundraiser of the Year

Strengths: Fundraising

Why is he NEXT UP?: During his time at Kansas State, Weiberg became known as a prolific fundraiser, leading his team to generate 22 private gifts in excess of $1 million, and setting department records that more than quadrupled the previous year’s gifts. Since becoming second in command within the Texas Tech athletic department, weiberg has taken on responsibility for many of the department’s day-to-day operations. “Chad Weiberg is a tremendously talented administrator and leader,” says Texas Tech AD, Kirby Hocutt. “His ability to build strong relationships and to bring people and teams together towards a common vision is exemplary. Chad will be a great Athletic Director.”

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Senior Associate AD, External Relations

Career to Date: UCLA (2011 – present); Wyoming -Senior Assoc AD,External Relations (2007-2011); Missouri – Assistant Director of Development (2006-2007); Portland State – Director of Donor Relations (2004- 2006)

Appointments & Accomplishments: Current 2nd Vice President of NAADD

Strengths: Contract Negotiations, Fundraising

Why is he NEXT UP?: During his time at UCLA, Rebholz has assisted with negotiating deals that have changed the way this industry does business, including the one of the most lucrative media rights deals in the country with WME IMG, and UCLA’s massive new $280 million apparel deal with Under Armour. But it’s not just media partners and shoe companies that seem to like Rebholz. In 2014 he and his team set new department records, raising $80 million in private gifts. But to get a real picture of Rebholz, you have to ask the man himself; UCLA AD, Dan Guerrero. “I’m not sure you’ll find anyone in the industry more committed to the overall success of their athletic department than Josh Rebholz. His passion, innovation, ability to stay proactive in an ever changing field and knack for both building and maintaining relationships have made him an invaluable member of my senior staff. Josh is undoubtedly a rising star in the industry and has an extremely bright future in college athletics in store for him.”



Deputy Director of Athletics

Career to Date: LSU (2003- Present); Vanderbilt- Director of Game and Event Management (2001- 2003)

Appointments & Accomplishments:

Strengths: Capital Projects, Operations

Why is he NEXT UP?: “Eddie is a talented and bright administrator that is ready to run his own department,” says LSU AD, Joe Alleva. “In the past 5 years, with added responsibility, he has developed tremendously.” And he isn’t the only one that’s developed. In his time with LSU, Nuñez has overseen more than $375 million in facilities construction and renovations. Even before joining the Tigers, he aided Vanderbilt in multiple renovation and construction projects, including basketball practice facilities and their baseball stadium. A former student-athlete at the University of Florida, Nuñez originally intended to pursue coaching under the the tutelage of his coach and mentor, Billy Donovan. Although he’s changed course slightly, that pull toward leading athletes is still demonstrated through his administration of the LSU men’s basketball program, and men and women’s tennis programs.  


Make sure to join us tomorrow for four more NEXT UP honorees, presented by Teamworks.

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