September 17th, 2019 | by CollegeAD

College athletes across New York could earn money on the use of their name, likeness or image under new legislation proposed this week in Albany. The legislation, from Sen. Kevin Parker, D-Brooklyn, follows a similar proposal approved unanimously last week by California lawmakers. Parker’s legislation, introduced Monday, means to “prevent New York schools from taking away the scholarships or eligibility of any athlete making money from endorsements,” the proposal reads. The legislation would also allow players to use an attorney or agent for business deals without punishment. College athletes would be able to earn money and retain scholarships under Parker’s proposal. The legislation also means to protect the student athletes from reprisals from sports governing associations such as the NCAA. It’s unclear how much support Parker has for the New York legislation. Here, the state’s Legislature is out of regular session until January. – Teri Weaver,, Read More

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