March 25th, 2019 | by CollegeAD

Excellence was across the board, as African-American and white players graduated at respective rates of 88 percent and 96 percent. There were 31 teams with a perfect 100 percent graduation rate for black women. The roll call of perfection comprises Maine, UConn, DePaul, Radford, Rice, Quinnipiac, Buffalo, Belmont, Stanford, Bucknell, Abilene Christian, BYU, Missouri, Drake, South Dakota, Central Florida, Marquette, Texas A&M, Michigan, Kansas State, Gonzaga, UCLA, Maryland, Rutgers, South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida Gulf Coast, Portland State, Mercer, Florida State and Iowa State. That does not yet compare with the total of 49 schools in the tournament that have 100 percent rates for white women players. In the world of small quibbles, if graduation rates were put in terms of traditional numerical academic grades, white women would be a solid A while black women would be a B-plus. Close, but more improvement must still be had before full equality can be declared. The women have achieved this level of academic achievement despite now playing the same number of games as men. Most women’s teams in the tournament played between 31 and 33 games, while most men’s teams played between 32 and 34. -Derrick Jackson, The Undefeated. Read More.

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