Maryland Made: Preparing Student-Athletes for Tomorrow

April 5th, 2019 | by CollegeAD
Maryland Made: Preparing Student-Athletes for Tomorrow

maryland made
Maryland’s Student-Athlete Development Department is using a generous infusion of money to prepare their student-athletes for the working world. Thanks to a $21 million donation by Barry & Mary Gossett, Resa Lovelace, Maryland Assistant AD for Student-Athlete Development, tells CollegeAD that her department is expanding and looking to the future.

“Maryland Made is really designed for that next phase of life, whatever it may be. Moving cross country for a job, grad school, understanding rent, how to maintain your life, anything we can do to prepare our student-athletes.”

Lovelace says Maryland Made is partially based on fellowships across the country, but the department is breaking new ground everyday.

“We looked at academic fellowships and how those programs are set up. But what we are really focused on is how we get the student-athletes to use their transferable skills to set them up for success when they transition into the real world,”

They have instituted the InTERPship program that allows student-athletes to intern in the career of their choice, from graphic design to business management. She says these career skills will give Maryland graduates a leg up on life after college and athletics.

The InTERPship Academy is one of Maryland’s many internship opportunities for Terrapin student-athletes

“We currently have 17 student-athletes set up with internships. They are gaining valuable experience and will learn to find their footing,” explains Lovelace.

The University is aiming to add more slots to the InTERPship program.

She also says they are working hand in hand with their mental well-being professionals to help students make the transition to what comes next. Lovelace says they are hosting a workshop at the end of April about the athletic identity transition. Working in conjunction with other departments — and even other universities — is helping the Maryland Made program meet the various needs of the students.

“We are working with area universities, our graduates have a lot in common, we share speakers, programming, and are working together to give our people the best opportunities. We are all sending student-athletes to similar spaces. This area has Division I, Division II and Division III schools, we talk about resources and really lean into each other.”

“It’s exciting to know that we are preparing them for life, transiting from a student-athlete to the next phase of life is complicated. This program helps the transition and sets up opportunities.”

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