October 19th, 2018 | by CollegeAD

The color-changing helmets that will shift from purple to gold under the lights of Tiger Stadium will be the first of its kind, said Greg Stringfellow, LSU’s equipment manager. The helmets are part of the alternate uniform that LSU will wear against Mississippi State on Saturday, which the LSU athletic department announced Thursday would commemorate the “Silent Season” of 1918, when the Tigers did not play football during World War I. The uniforms were revealed publicly in a video from the athletic department: white pants, oak-patterned white jerseys, and most notably, the color-changing helmets. The helmets required four coats of paint to get the full depth done, Stringfellow said, and he estimated that the paint costed “somewhere around $1,500 a gallon.” “It’s the way the paint’s mixed,” Stringfellow said. “The original version had a lot of green in it, and we went through, shoot, I probably have 30 samples of different purple-painted helmets that shift colors from purple to gold and from gold to purple that I stored throughout the project.” The helmet is intended to replicate an iridescent Mardi Gras bead, and Josh Iverson, a uniform designer at Nike, designed it to be the crown jewel of his project. – BROOKS KUBENA, theadvocate –  Read More

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