December 14th, 2018 | by CollegeAD

Iowa State Director of Athletics Jamie Pollard sees a lot of himself in his football coach, Matt Campbell. Both are fierce competitors. Both delight in proving people wrong. And both take absolutely nothing for granted. The list of similarities could extend far beyond those three, of course, but boil it down to this general list: Growth is a mindset. Progress is an ongoing process that never ends. Character drives success — and helps one navigate through challenging moments in life. Pollard was gracious and candid and as insightful as ever during our 33-minute talk. He answered all of my sometimes rambling and often inelegantly-phrased questions with typical aplomb. If you read long enough, which you’d be wise to do, you’ll see that Pollard is begrudgingly “OK” with the loss to Texas in football this season. He explains why perfectly, in my opinion — and points to how it likely points to even brighter days to come. – Rob Gray, Cyclone Fanatic. Read More.

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