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For the last 20 years ISU F.A.T., the football alumni team, has been raising money to help aid the program and its athletes. Recently, the program hit a milestone with its endowment fund. “F.A.T. has been raising funds through tailgate events, membership, and through their golf tournament, every year for quite a few years,” Pauline Thiros, Associate VP of Development said. “They’ve been building an endowment fund, and that endowment fund was intended to support scholarships, and they recently reached a total of $200,000.” That money will be used for “summer scholarships so that student athletes in football can take advantage of summer classes, stay on campus and be ready for the fall academically and physically as well,” Thiros explained. And while it will still be a few weeks before the football team is back in Holt Arena and the tarps are rolled out, there are nearly 50 members of the team here on campus, who are now able to participate in summer sessions due to the help of the F.A.T. club. – Max Cohan, localnews8 – Read More

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