Athletic Department’s Lending A Helping Hand In Florence Recovery

September 21st, 2018 | by CollegeAD
Athletic Department’s Lending A Helping Hand In Florence Recovery

Hurricane Florence made landfall over a week ago, forcing numerous cancellations and rescheduled events across the collegiate landscape. The hurricane has dissipated, but the after-effects of the storm are still being felt up and down the east coast. As communities along the Carolina coast begin to rebuild, colleges from all across the country have taken proactive steps to lend a helping hand their fellow Americans.

As the college football season gets back to a normal schedule, one-time foes are pitching in to lend a helping hand. Supply drives are being held from coast to coast. That’s the beautiful thing about America, no matter what side of the political aisle you call home, no matter how divided we may think the country is, when fellow American’s are need, we come together and find away to lend a helping hand.

From donation drives to North Carolina athletes donating their game-day meal stipends athletic department’s and fans are coming together to help those in need. Other school’s such as Tenneessee allowed fans impacted by Hurricane Florence to attend last week’s game at no charge.

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