Focus on the Whole Team: Staying Healthy During the Fall

October 3rd, 2017 | by Walt Whitfield
Focus on the Whole Team: Staying Healthy During the Fall


As with the football season, fall is in full swing. September 22 marked the first day of autumn. And with the change in season, comes differences in daylight hours, activities, weather, and food. Subtle changes sometimes throw people off their health journey. Here are a few tips to staying healthy for the fall.

Eat Seasonally

In a past article “Increase Work Productivity While Home,” I spoke about eating to perform. Athletes are well-known for eating food that best suits their physical needs. With your needs in mind and knowing that fall brings about certain changes, it is important to eat seasonally. The fall produces vegetables and fruits like brussels sprout, apples, and sweet potatoes. Know your needs. Know what is ripe. Consume those foods for better health.

Get Outside More

I was a collegiate distance runner in the south. I couldn’t wait for the first cool front to hit. Anything that would limit the humidity would aid in performance. As I have moved to a more adult life with my family and house, the outside chores became a hot weather burden. As the weather turns cooler, you can turn your common chores into workouts like cutting grass, raking leaves, and pressure washing the exterior of your home.  Use the fall to catch up on your honey-do list.

Respect the Common Cold

College athletics is no different from any business. Success is about the details. Without that focus, little issues can lead to bigger problems. Similarly, the fall brings about little issues like the common cold. The details that help fight the common cold are washing your hands, staying hydrated, and limiting sugar intake. Germs travel quick. It is important that your personal behavior be up to par in protecting your immune system.  

Keep Alternative Clothes Close

During my article “Beat the Heat for the Summer,” I spoke about the change in gear within college athletics. Every team has multiple alternative jerseys. When dealing with season change, it is important to keep an alternative set of clothes close by to make sure you can deal with a swift weather changes. An 80-degree day can turn to 35 degrees during a lunch break. Find a light jacket or pants to throw on if need be.

The fall means change. If you are to stay on your health plan, your ability to stay the course is paramount. Eat according to the season. Move workouts or activities outside. Respect the common cold and protect yourself. Keep a set of clothes to change into in case of changing weather conditions. Things may change around you, but your ability to adapt will make the difference. 

Walt Whitfield About Walt Whitfield
Walter Whitfield is an employee wellness consultant and founder of Lavoro Workplace Wellness where he helps businesses improve their workplace through employee wellness strategies. He has worked with corporations like Chevron, BP, and Seadrill. Walter is a former college athlete for Louisiana’s Ragin Cajuns where he competed in cross country and track, winning Sunbelt conference titles in the 3k Steeplechase and 5k. He is married, has 3 kids, and loves all things New Orleans Saints and Louisiana’s Ragin Cajuns.

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