Focus on the Whole Team: Staying Healthy During the Spring

March 6th, 2018 | by Walt Whitfield
Focus on the Whole Team: Staying Healthy During the Spring



The springtime is a time of rebirth, growth, and new life. For college athletics, the spring opens the college sports world to the great outdoors. Baseball, softball, and track fill the event calendar.  The fans find fun in the sun after a winter of indoor arenas. For those on their health journey, the spring provides the same outdoor opportunities. Here are a few tips to staying healthy during the spring.

Spring Clean

Stadiums take a pounding during the harsh winter months. Very little can be done in some parts of the country to spruce them up during cold days. Once the spring starts, the maintenance crews work hard to catch up on some cleaning. This is a great time to spring clean as well. Clean your office. Clean your car. Clean your house. Decluttering your most important areas can pay significant benefits to your mental health. It cuts down on never-ending searches. And you can gain confidence in completing a much-needed task.

Spring into Action

The winter time leaves many tasks undone or behind schedule. Major capital projects and office work are hard to keep on track with the cold weather and numerous holidays away from work. The spring brings great weather and time to act. This is your moment to spring into action. Quit putting off the exercise. Get out the office. Take a walk on campus. Jog around a park. Hike the local trails. Use the great weather to your advantage. Focus on going outside and enjoying the day.

Spring Harvest

As I wrote in my article “Staying Healthy During the Fall,” I spoke about eating seasonally. Just as your administration would focus on outdoor events due to the great weather provided by the spring, it is important you focus on the bountiful food provided by the spring. The spring harvest is full of leafy greens, garlic, peas, broccoli, and cauliflower. These seasonal items are better consumed because they hold more nutrients than other fruits and vegetables. A quick google search can give you dozens of spring-grown fruits and vegetables that will help you strengthen your diet.

The spring is a great time of year. With the positive feeling that comes with the season, this is as good a time as ever to get back on track with your health. Or continue your focus. Spring cleaning can help alleviate mental stress. Use the good weather to your benefit and get outdoors as often as possible. Eat spring ripen fruits and vegetables. Don’t let the season of new life pass you by. Spring forward.

Walt Whitfield About Walt Whitfield
Walter Whitfield is an employee wellness consultant and founder of Lavoro Workplace Wellness where he helps businesses improve their workplace through employee wellness strategies. He has worked with corporations like Chevron, BP, and Seadrill. Walter is a former college athlete for Louisiana’s Ragin Cajuns where he competed in cross country and track, winning Sunbelt conference titles in the 3k Steeplechase and 5k. He is married, has 3 kids, and loves all things New Orleans Saints and Louisiana’s Ragin Cajuns.

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