Focus On The Whole Team: It’s A Laughing Matter

July 17th, 2018 | by Walt Whitfield
Focus On The Whole Team: It’s A Laughing Matter

laughingFor an athletic department, fan experience is an important element to every game. So much so that departments are spending millions on video boards, audio systems, enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities, and much more. A fan experience initiative is almost limitless when fun, enjoyment, and laughter is the key driver. Let’s be honest…we all need a little laughter in our life. Here are a few tips to laughing more.

Add to Your Morning Routine

There are few athletic employees that have a strict routine like equipment management or the sports medicine group. Most people’s routines are set in stone due to both their work and personal needs. So, to ask someone to add something into their routine seems a little far-fetched. But adding laughing into your morning routine is a great way to start your day. Listen to your favorite comedy via YouTube or put on a funny sitcom while you eat breakfast. A healthy breakfast goes well with a side of laughter.

Relive an Old Highlight

Colleges celebrate old players and big game highlights. There are school hall of fame’s, retired jerseys, and videos to buy. Reliving a great moment brings about a happy feeling with fans. Have you ever thought about an unbelievable moment in your life? A time you laughed uncontrollably with a group of friends. Try this. Call an old friend. Relive an old moment. Discuss the details. And laugh uncontrollably once again.

Add Comedy to Meetings

I have had the privilege to work for three oil giants during my professional career. It comes to no surprise that things are done differently at those companies. Specifically, workforce health was a priority. During many meetings, a point was made to add comedy. Looking for a time to add laughter to your day? Look no farther than spicing up a bland meeting. Add funny cartoons to your PowerPoint. Or tell a funny story to your break time.

Laughter is a powerful way to ease stress, anxiety, and reduce conflict. Find ways to add humor to your day by building it into your morning routine, calling a friend to discuss an old funny moment, or adding fun to boring meetings. Laughing is healthy.

Walt Whitfield About Walt Whitfield
Walter Whitfield is an employee wellness consultant and founder of Lavoro Workplace Wellness where he helps businesses improve their workplace through employee wellness strategies. He has worked with corporations like Chevron, BP, and Seadrill. Walter is a former college athlete for Louisiana’s Ragin Cajuns where he competed in cross country and track, winning Sunbelt conference titles in the 3k Steeplechase and 5k. He is married, has 3 kids, and loves all things New Orleans Saints and Louisiana’s Ragin Cajuns.

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