Death To The NCAA?

May 3rd, 2013 | by CollegeAD
Death To The NCAA?

Death to the NCAA ?

Death to the NCAA? O’Bannon v. NCAA is an antitrust lawsuit filed in 2009 by former UCLA All-American basketball player Ed O’Bannon and a handful of other ex-college athletes, who don’t think the NCAA should be profiting from their names and images without sharing the royalty payments.

The case is in the process of becoming a class action lawsuit which, if granted, would make the NCAA liable to not only the plaintiffs, but to all former athletes that bring claims against them. If the case was simply about O’Bannon and company getting paid this would probably have been over a long time ago. However, O’Bannon and his lawyers are asking for something more. They want all current and future athletes to be able to make licensing deals of their own. The NCAA could legitimately be in serious trouble. Read more here.

death to the ncaa

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