The Culture of Sports: Richard Giller Discusses Student-Athletes Insurance

February 1st, 2019 | by Jonathan Yates
The Culture of Sports: Richard Giller Discusses Student-Athletes Insurance

Richard Giller, a top lawyer in the field of insurance for athletes, and partner at the law firm of ReedSmith LLP, recently sat down with The Culture of Sports’ Jonathan Yates. Together Giller and Yates discuss a number of issues concerning insurance and athletes ranging from which sports involve student-athlete insurance to being fiscally responsible with insurance.

Sports involved in student-athlete insurance. 7:15

Would it be worth it for universities to provide insurance for these students? 7:48

Possibly a guaranteed monetary compensation based on performance and length of play? 7:52

Looking over the contracts, lawyers would probably not violate NCAA policies. 11:11

How do student athletes know that taking a loan against their future is fiscally responsible? 11:43

How are future earnings measurable? 12:40

Would it be wise for insurance companies to begin to create their own student insurance for athletes specifically? 16:20

How is disability and loss of value different in sports? 19:16

In terms of pitchers and surgery, considering how popular that is could it be considered a “pre existing condition?” 21:03

How much of a recruiting tool is loss of value insurance for professional athletes in comparison to college athletes? 24:13

An explanation about disability being paid out of California would have been helpful. 26:41

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