The Culture of Sports: Employment Attorney Mike Phillips

March 8th, 2019 | by Jonathan Yates
The Culture of Sports: Employment Attorney Mike Phillips

As the debate over paying college athletes heats up, as it did this week thanks to one North Carolina lawmaker, CollegeAD recently sat down with employment attorney, Mike Phillips partner with the law firm of McGuireWood. Together, Mr. Woods and The Culture of Sports host Jonathan Yates discussed how employment law applies to paying student-athletes as well as how the law impacts other areas of sports.

4:30 – How current law applies to paying college athletes

5:30 – The confluence of factors should have NCAA looking at legislation solution from Congress

7:30 – If classified as workers, could college athletes be fired?

10:30 – Title IX aspects of paying college athletes

11:30 – Sponsorship aspects of paying college athletes

20:30 – Concussion lawsuits will expand for college sports

22:40 – Title IX and its procedural protections

25:00 – Better for NCAA and athletic directors to be proactive

26:00 – eSports and the law

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