July 18th, 2019 | by CollegeAD

No issues in the collegiate sports landscape trigger more fear, excitement or emotion than conference realignment, College Football Playoff expansion and player compensation. All of those issues will be woven together in the next few years, as revenue costs rise, cable television paradigms continue to change and the din for players to get a slice of the pie becomes louder. It would be a stretch to call an expansion of the College Football Playoff inevitable, as there’s so much to change, unwind and restructure to move the playoff from four teams to eight, which is the most likely next iteration.  All that said, there’s momentum behind the scenes that something will happen, and there’s a chance it happens before the end of the 12-year contract.  Conversations with multiple sources around the sport indicated that it would be impossible logistically for the playoff to be expanded in the next two years. The sources indicated the earliest that significant change could occur in terms of adding teams to the playoff would be for the 2021 season. – Pete Thamel, – Read More

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