November 8th, 2018 | by CollegeAD

Last week brought both good and bad news for football regarding the degenerative brain condition known as CTE. Looking at the list of schools, it’s hard to think of one that doesn’t appear. This gene offers the first step into figuring out why some athletes get CTE and others don’t. Clearly a history of repetitive subconcussive blows serves as the baseline. Blows to the brain over a long period of time, whether from football, another sport or blasts in military service, increase your risk. There clearly are other factors, such as environmental and genetic links, although it seems likely that many play a role. This study and others that will follow might also start to give clues as to the mechanisms by which CTE progresses and destroys the brain. This information could open the door to treatment strategies for affected athletes. – David Geier, Post and Courier. Read More.

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