October 1st, 2018 | by CollegeAD

Forgotten 5’s Will Butler has put together an evaluation system for Group of Five athletic director competitiveness. First, he looks at the basics: Who your athletic director is, how long he or she has been at your school, how many sports they preside over, what their revenue budget is, and their salary. Next he looks at the competitiveness of both the revenue and non-revenue sports. Specifically, he looks at the winning percentages of each of the three revenue sports during the AD’s tenure up to the date of publishing of this article, and how many conference titles have been achieved in both revenue and non-revenue sports. From there, he takes an average of how many conference titles in both categories have been achieved under that AD per year. Finally, he uses an arbitrary postseason “success” metric that measures how well a G5 school performs at going beyond the usual expectations of getting whomped in the first round of a postseason tournament by a P5 school in any sport, by making a superregional in baseball or softball, or by making a bowl. Will Butler, Forgotten 5, Read More.

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