The Buffalo Athletic Department Renegotiates Apparel Contract With Nike

February 11th, 2014 | by CollegeAD
The Buffalo Athletic Department Renegotiates Apparel Contract With Nike

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The Buffalo Athletic Department renegotiates apparel contract with Nike and ADPRO

UB signed an amendment to its contract with ADPRO Sports in October 2013. The third-party retailer is one of the country’s largest dealers of Nike apparel, footwear and equipment.

“Buffalo Business First” garnered the initial contract information via a Freedom of Information request, which was later supplemented by a Buffalo Athletic Department breakdown of the various projects.

Overall the agreement has gone from roughly $75,000 to around $161,650, adding an additional $50,000 in free goods. Here are the full details.

• The 2012-13 contract included $35,000 for “free goods,” $25,000 for “corporate and special event sponsorship” and $16,300 for a men’s basketball “marketing package.”

• The 2013-14 contract includes $85,000 in “free goods,” $20,900 on a men’s basketball “marketing package,” $8,500 on women’s basketball “marketing package,” a $2,250 “football game ball allotment,” $30,000 in “additional free goods from Nike” and $15,000 in “additional free goods from ADPRO.”

“ADRPO is awesome, and the executives at Nike have really stepped up, because they believe in where we’re going,” Buffalo athletic director Danny White said. “I think we have a better deal than we should have at this point, because of our potential. They’re really taking care of us.”

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