Compliance Corner: What The New NCAA Basketball Legislation Means

On Wednesday the NCAA passed sweeping college basketball legislation. The NCAA identified areas to change to help student-athletes be flexible when deciding to go pro and helping former student-athletes return to get their degree. By adding five additional official visit opportunities for prospective student-athletes, high school students should be able to make a more informed […]

Compliance Corner: Are Your Coaches Prepared For The New Recruiting Process

During the most recent NCAA legislation cycle, the NCAA made major changes to the recruiting process. For sports other than men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and football, the timing of official and unofficial visits, as well as recruiting conversations has drastically changed. This prevents young athletes, such as 8th graders, from taking unofficial visits and committing […]

New Transfer Legislation and What It Means For NCAA Compliance

The ability for a student-athlete to transfer and the rules and regulations the effect that action has been a hot topic in college athletics for a considerable time. For the first time in many years, there will be a major change to the transfer legislation which will take effect this upcoming October. The NCAA will […]

Understanding The Importance Of Fully Investing In Compliance Software

Compliance, like most industries, relies on technology to make us more efficient. There are many compliance software packages for a university to choose from, and all greatly help compliance professionals do their job correctly and efficiently. However, too many universities choose not to fully invest in compliance software, or even not invest at all. It […]

Benefits To Beginning Your Compliance Career In A Non Power Five Department

While most people starting a career want to start with the biggest opportunity possible, there are many positives to beginning your compliance career at a “small” university. Beginning your compliance career in a two or three-person office allows you to build relationships with people throughout the athletic department. It offers someone new to the industry […]

NCAA Compliance: Tips To Thriving In Your Career

Leaving school and beginning a career is often a challenging transition. This is especially true when you are entering a high-stress field such as NCAA Compliance. As someone who is now one year removed from graduating law school and beginning a full-time career, I understand the challenges of getting started in this field. The first […]