September 28th, 2017 | by Cody Junot

Should the ACC take action against Louisville following the latest issues to engulf the athletic department? The Daily Press’ David Teel believes the league should. Tell sites a slew of issues to hit the Louisville athletic department since the Cardinals accept commissioner John Swofford’s invite in 2012. The missteps and scandals laid out by Teel include Louisville’s decision to bring back Bobby Petrino, the Cardinals involvement in Wakey-Leaks, Board of Trustees, and Foundation issues, and of course the NCAA’s recent decision to place the basketball program on probation. Teels call for punishment is not unheard of, the ACC’s rules allow it. Section IV of the ACC’s bylaws allow for the conference to expel, suspend (in one or more sports) or place on probation a member school. Each of those actions requires a three-quarters majority of the league’s remaining schools, which in this case would be 11 of 14. Suspension or probation can be done immediately. Expulsion carries a lengthy notice, on or before Aug. 15, effective the following June 30. –Read More

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