July 16th, 2017 | by CollegeAD

Among the hottest topics, the ones that make message boards explode and showcase the vast chasm between generations, is student attendance at WVU. There are two sides, those shouting that it was different in their day, and those espousing the myriad of entertainment options now, and that, frankly, it’s easier and at times a better experience to simply watch on high-definition TV. It’s little wonder that attendance across the country declined for the sixth consecutive season last year, with FBS crowds averaging 43,106 fans, down by one percent from the 2015 season according to CBS. While that was better than the four percent drop from 2014 to ’15, and shows a gradual slowing of the trend, the numbers remain way off of 2008’s peak of 46,565, with last season being the worst-attended year at the major collegiate level since 2000. – theet.comRead More


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