February 14th, 2018 | by College AD

The NCAA on Tuesday declined to grant Notre Dame’s appeal of a ruling that forces the Irish to vacate 21 football wins. In a letter to fans and alumni, Notre Dame President, Rev. John I. Jenkins, voiced his frustration with the NCAA’s decision writing in part “The NCAA is not, of course, an academic association with general responsibility for academic integrity at America’s colleges and universities. It is, rather, an athletic association that regulates academic misconduct in certain narrowly drawn cases involving students who are athletes. Two such cases are: 1) when a representative of the university is complicit in the cheating and 2) when a student competes on behalf of the university while ineligible. Notre Dame disagreed with several aspects of the NCAA’s assessment of this case, but in order to conclude the case expeditiously, we agreed to accept certain findings of violations. Two of those violations, involving three student-athletes, carried mandatory penalties, which the University accepted, and the possibility of a vacation of team records, which was at the discretion of the NCAA to impose. It is to the imposition of this discretionary penalty that the University objects and which it appealed.” –Read the letter

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