April 20th, 2017 | by CollegeAD

It was at a face-to-face meeting with her boss in August 2013 that Jane Meyer first heard that she wasn’t performing her duties to the satisfaction of some high-profile members of the Iowa athletic department, she testified in her lawsuit against the university Thursday. The date was Aug. 5, 2013, one year before Gene Taylor was hired to be Iowa’s new deputy athletic director and before Meyer’s romantic partner, Tracey Griesbaum, was fired as Iowa’s field hockey coach. Meyer, 57, testifying for a second day in her lawsuit over gender and sexual orientation discrimination claims, said that event essentially marked the beginning of the end of her career. She was transferred from the athletic department in December 2014 and had her employment terminated last September. She is seeking money for lost wages and emotional distress. In May 2014, Barta informed her he was launching an investigation into claims of “an inappropriate relationship.” Meyer, who was then living with Griesbaum, said she assumed that referred to the two of them. She never disclosed the relationship to Barta, she said, because she was under no obligation to do so and she didn’t feel that he would be accepting. “I’m not a flamboyant lesbian,” she said, noting her desire was to become an athletic director at a major-conference university someday. “You don’t become one if you’re an ‘out’ lesbian. You have to be very careful about your personality, unless you’re heterosexual.” -Mark Emmert, The Des Moines Register, Read More

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