Should Your Department Invest In Drones?

August 21st, 2017 | by Rhett Moroses
Should Your Department Invest In Drones?


The use of drones has increased over the years and the useful gadgets have found many different purposes across the sports world. Technology has improved, giving drones the capabilities to film at angles that normal cameras cannot produce. Prices have also dropped, and if your department hasn’t yet, it is time to consider implementing drones into your program.

According to a 2016 SUAS News article, drones have been used formula one races, the X Games, the AMA Supercross Series, high school football practices, surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Drones are used less in the NFL and other sports because of the CableCam system.

However, the CableCam system is expensive to build and use. They are limited to filming in certain areas. angles, and heights. Drones have nearly limitless potential in filming over the playing field, providing all-access viewpoints to fans and coaches, as well as being affordable and painless to set up.

Campuses all across the country are filled with students who are passionate about drones. Drone Clubs are starting to be formed as this technology continues to improve. Athletic departments can not only use drones for filming games and practices, but also work with the students to operate the drones, creating relationships between the athletic department and student body.

More importantly, the use of drones coincides with the way technology is heading in the sport industry. Fans always yearn for more access on the field and exclusive coverage. The almost limitless operation of drones provides that access. Obviously, due diligence is required. The FAA has regulations allowing the widespread commercial use of drones. But regulations shouldn’t deter a closer look at the possibilities. If anything, they should provide a framework for what is and is not possible and safe. 

We understand the emergence of virtual reality will impact sports viewership, providing even more exclusive coverage. Technology is moving towards more in depth and interactive experience for fans. Drones are the next step and natural progression.

Rhett Moroses About Rhett Moroses
Rhett Moroses is a recent graduate from Endicott College with a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management. He has held multiple internships in the sports industry including athletic administration in interscholastic sports, sponsorship and marketing in college athletics, and game day promotions and marketing in professional sports. Rhett aspires to have a successful career in the field of college athletic administration.

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