NCAA DI Salary For Athletic Directors In 2013

NCAA DI Salary For Athletic Directors In 2013

NCAA DI Salary for Athletic Directors is an interactive list of all NCAA Division I athletic director salaries broken down in multiple categories. Note that private institutions do not have to list their salaries so these institutions values may show up as 0.

NCAA DI Salary For Athletic Directors In 2013 Table Breakdown

Salary for Athletic Directors

SCHOOL PAY:  This category includes base salary; income from contract provisions other than base salary that are paid, or guaranteed, by the university or affiliated organizations, such as a foundation.

OTHER PAY: Income from sources listed on the athletics director’s most recently available, self-reported athletically related outside income report. Some public schools, citing public-records disclosure exemptions, decline to provide the outside-income report.

TOTAL PAY: Sum of university and non-university compensation.

MAXIMUM BONUS: The greatest amount that can be received for meeting all prescribed performance goals (for instance: departmental academic and financial benchmarks; or competitive achievements of all or specific teams), and/or athlete conduct departmental rules-compliance goals. including win totals, bowl-game appearances, conference and national championships, coaching awards, etc.), academic or player conduct goals.

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NamePositionLeft/When LeavingJob Leaving ForSchool
Brian AvolioManager of Ticket Sales and ServiceLeaving in NovemberManager of Ticket Sales and ServiceMiami of Ohio
Katy YoungAssistant AD- MarketingLeft in October 2014Director of Corporate RecruitingLearfield Sports
Jenny MillerDirector of ComplianceLeft in Fall 2014
Lauren KaneAssistant Media Relations DirectorLeaving in November
Eric BuskirkSenior Associate Athletics DirectorLeaving in November
Theresa LaurenteCompliance CoordinatorLeft in late Summer 2014Director of ComplianceIncarnate Word
Ashley SloperAthletics Academic CounselorLeft September 2014Student-Athlete Services CoordinatorSan Diego State University
Todd AÊDyerGeneral Manager- Highlanders Sports PropertiesLeft September 2014
Melanie MarcaurelDeputy Athletics Director/CFAOLeaving in November