June 18th, 2017 | by CollegeAD

Let’s be clear on this from the start: This is not a second guess. Back in November 2012, Jim Delany could have demanded anything from Rutgers officials and they would have agreed with a smile — and understandably so.  Delany: “We’ll accept you into the Big Ten, but only if you change the name of the university to Jim Delany’s Awesome Intergalactic Starfleet Academy and speak nothing but Vulcan.” Rutgers: “Fan-vel du aitlun, khart-lan!”  The longtime Big Ten commissioner is a master dealmaker, and during those negotiations, he had all the leverage. Any deal to get out of the American Athletic Conference and into the nation’s premier conference, especially when it looked like the music would stop in the conference realignment game without the Scarlet Knights finding a chair, was one that they had to take. – nj.comRead More

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