April 20th, 2017 | by CollegeAD

One Purdue management class will give students the opportunity to learn what it is like to be involved with college athletics. Intercollegaite Athletics as a Business, MGMT 59000, taught by Purdue vice president Morgan Burke and dean emeritus Richard Cosier, works with professionals in the world of college athletics to teach students what it takes to be involved. Burke started this class after being asked by students how they could get involved in the athletics ecosystem. “I have students that contact me … and say, ‘Well how do I get started?’” Burke said. “That’s when finally I said … we can make a capstone course for senior or grad students.” The class starts by giving a general overview of athletics and how they are run. Its biggest strength is in the guest speakers that Burke brings from Purdue and outside organizations. – BRAD PUSHKAR , purdueexponent.org Read More

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