UCLA Athletics Benefiting from Pac-12 TV Deal

December 7th, 2013 | by CollegeAD
UCLA Athletics Benefiting from Pac-12 TV Deal

pac-12 tv deal
The Pac-12 TV deal has changed the Pac-12 Conference, and UCLA seems to be keeping up with other cash-flooded conference members by signing Head Football coach Jim Mora to a 6-year contract extension.

UCLA is now able to compete in that kind of financial arena, thanks in a large part to the Pac-12’s tv deal.

“You go back to 2003, when I made my first football hire, the economic situation was completely different,” UCLA Athletic Director, Dan Guerrero said. “That was a constraint, a barrier, to being competitive. We couldn’t snap our fingers and come up with dollars.”

Well now they can. The television deals with Fox and ESPN have beefed up budgets throughout the conference. UCLA’s share this year is expected to be about $16 million.

What’s even better, UCLA pays coach salaries from the athletic department’s budget. No state money is used. By giving Jim Mora a contract extension, UCLA is showing it wants to be more than just a basketball school.

Where The Pac-12 TV Deal Stands

The Pac-12 still retains control of the direction of the conference. The Pac-12’s national network and six regional channels represent the only college network that is owned solely by the conference. Fox owns 51 percent of the Big Ten Network, while the SEC’s network, set to launch in August 2014, will be owned by ESPN, which also owns the Longhorn Network.

That’s not to say the conference will never take on investors, but Pac-12 officials simply don’t see a need to now.

Take a look at Pac-12 Conference payouts over the next 12 years.

Pac-12 TV Deal Revenue

2013: $185,000,000 million

2014: $194,250,000 million

2015: $204,540,000 million

2016: $215,060,000 million

2017: $226,140,000 million

2018: $237,780,000 million

2019: $250,020,000 million

2020: $262,900,000 million

2021: $276,420,000 million

2022: $290,660,000 million

2023: $305,620,000 million

2024: $321,340,000 million

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