April 21st, 2017 | by CollegeAD

Eastern Michigan’s football team played in its first bowl game in 29 years in December, and the university spent $734,520 for it to do so. Meanwhile, EMU walked away with $585,520 in revenue from the game, including a $500,000 payout for participating in the bowl. The university also will receive a minimum $200,000 payout from the Mid-American Conference for Western Michigan’s appearance in the Cotton Bowl, Malach said. Put the numbers together, and EMU will come out at least $50,000 ahead from the bowl season. EMU Interim Director of Athletics Christian Spears said the university gained more than just revenue from playing in its first bowl game since 1987. “It was money well spent,” Spears said at Thursday’s Athletic Affairs meeting. “The amount of publicity we received for that appearance significantly outweighs the expenses we incurred. Knowing we will net $50,000 on the game makes us feel really good about the experience overall. -Ryan Zuke, MLive, Read More

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