Make Money For Your Tennis Program The Easy Way

May 2nd, 2017 | by Sponsored Content
Make Money For Your Tennis Program The Easy Way


The harsh realities of collegiate athletics have been in the forefront lately, with what seems like an all too often occurrence; The reduction or, in some cases, the outright elimination of non-revenue generating programs. It is a no win situation for anyone involved, not the athletic department, not the coaches, and especially not the players.

While the elimination of a program is the last and most dramatic step in a long line of options, the cause is never difficult to identify. While college athletics, as a whole, has never been richer, non-revenue sports still face funding issues at all levels. Athletic departments are being expected to run at peak efficiency, which means utilizing any resource possible to generate revenue and make individual sports more self-sufficient.

In many cases, the issue comes down to practical inventory. Sure, you could just put up a billboard, but how practical is that outside of providing shade? Ideally, your advertising would be done on the playing surface while not interfering with, and possibly even contributing to the flow of the game.

CourtHarbor, a company based out of North Carolina, has found a sweet spot for this issue in the game of tennis. Their innovative court dividers provide a practical purpose of dividing playing courts while also offering the added bonus of revenue generation.


These four and a half foot wide barriers seem like common sense once you see them in action, reducing “let” calls while also providing an ideal spot to highlight sponsorships and event branding. More importantly, they don’t interfere with the game, are safer than the traditional chain-link alternatives, and have been approved by the USTA for use.

The simple yet effective CourtHarbor dividers have been introduced and used by SEC, ACC, DII, DIII and NAIA programs alike, and these programs are finding them to be as versatile as they are practical. The durable barriers are sturdy, but still movable through the use of molded-in handles, meaning that when they aren’t on the court, they can be used at other campus events as promotional signs and even barricades.

Too often, athletic departments find themselves stuck in a box, limited by space and sometimes creativity. But in today’s bottom line world where every dollar counts, programs simply can’t afford to miss out on opportunities to bring in much-needed revenue.

Ultimately, it comes down to practicality. Like the padding on basketball goals or even field goal nets before them, CourtHarbor dividers make the game better while putting your advertisers where the action is. Whether it’s highlighting boosters who have had a special impact or providing a sponsor with real estate to lay their logo, programs are finding CourtHarbor dividers to be an effective tool in increasing revenue while also serving a practical need.

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