Give Your Tennis Program The Recruiting Edge It Deserves

September 7th, 2017 | by Sponsored Content
Give Your Tennis Program The Recruiting Edge It Deserves

CourtHarbor, a North Carolina based company, is getting an increasing amount of attention and response from college tennis coaches. In addition to the practical purpose of dividing courts and reducing “let” calls, CourtHarbor’s free-standing court dividers are being added to enhance college tennis facilities and promote the tennis program’s brand, a point founder Jon McLamb understands can make all the difference when it comes to recruiting.

“The functional benefit of providing less interrupted play is helpful to college programs due to them not wanting to stop a competitive point due to ball entering their court from an adjacent court.” McLamb said, “but, the branding aspect and the difference the court dividers make from an aesthetic standpoint has really been the difference maker and what’s resonated the most with college coaches.”

All 24 college programs currently utilizing CourtHarbor’s court dividers have added their school’s logo, providing the current players with a stronger home court feel and making a strong first impression with recruits. Simple things such as brand and logo placement can a long way when recruiting potential student-athletes. The recruits know they’re going to spend a great deal of time on the courts of the school they choose to attend, so their first impression of how the courts look and how well they are branded can play a significant role in their decision.

In addition to showing current and future players that your program takes pride in the look and branding of your facility, you are also sending a clear message that your program is committed to having the most current and innovative tennis court products and accessories for your team. Simple and cost effective, the court dividers are a powerful tool that can be used to show off your program.

For coaches, the strategic branding the court dividers offer makes the sell to athletic directors and decision makers much easier. A point McLamb and CourtHarbor take pride in.

“If a tennis coach approaches their AD or sport administrator about their interest in adding our court dividers because they will speed up play by stopping more tennis balls, this reason alone is probably not compelling enough for the request to be approved.” Said McLamb “But, when they add that the court dividers are going to enhance the look of their facility, promote their brand and therefore give them an upper hand in recruiting then it’s much more compelling.”

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