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Ryan Conway, Founder- CollegeAD LLC was formed in 2014. Ryan launched CollegeAD with the goal to provide hard working college athletic department personnel with the latest industry news to help further their careers. Ryan has spent most of his career working in, or around college athletics. He has worked in the Southeastern Conference, the Southern Conference, and the Sun Belt Conference. Ryan holds an M.S. from UL Lafayette, and a B.A. from Wofford College. [email protected]


Matthew Monte, Managing Editor- Matthew Monte is Managing Editor of College AD and formerly Co-Managing Editor of Underdog Dynasty. He is a graduate of The B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration at UL Lafayette, mostly because it didn’t require a foreign language. Matt is also a recovering stand up comedian who occasionally relapses. [email protected]


Cody Junot, Associate Editor- Cody Junot joined College AD in November, 2014 as a contributing writer and was shortly promoted to Associate Editor in July, 2015. Cody graduated from UL Lafayette in 2011 with a degree in Sports Management. [email protected]